HZine is a magazine for art and culture, for all HZ students and related events!

The magazine is there to give a space for creative people and their works, as well as for interesting stories and events. This means that people who practice any kind of art or who have interesting cultural stories or events to share are welcome to do so! In this way, we can strengthen our student community and create new connections.

HZine is available online, as well as on paper. This is entirely done through crowdfunding. So if you want to help this project, please consider supporting us at: https://gofund.me/0ed7f7f1 

The magazine is organized by a group of enthusiastic students from Global Project and Change Management: Oskar Ciesielska, Sophia Castro Adt, Micha Braaksma, and Shay Rockman.

For questions please email us at hzine.info@gmail.com.  


HZIne final.pdf

HZine Team

Oskar Ciesielska Sophia Castro Adt Micha Braaksma Shay Rockman